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What methods of Payment do you take?

We take, cash, cheque, direct-deposit and Visa/Master Card payments (1.729% surcharge for cards)

My booking says deposit due in 24 hours, can I still do a direct deposit?

Absolutely, just send us an email to  to let us know you are making a direct deposit,or if doing it online, you can send a payment receipt. We will have a receipt sent out to you via email as soon as funds clear our account.

Can I make card payment over the phone?

Yes - But be aware all card payments incur a 1.729% merchant fee.

When is my balance due?

If your booking is less than 14 days, please make full payment. For other bookings we usually require the final payment made 28 days before your stay, if you cannot due to circumstances beyond your control, please let us know we're happy to help.

What happens if I cancel?

Unfortunately we are unable to refund bookings, please see our Terms and Conditions. If we can re-book the property we may be able to offer a partial refund less an admin fee.

Can I change dates?

During peak period we are unable to change dates in most circumstances, for off peak and shoulder seasons please contact us.

Why do all properties show as unavailable within the next few days?

Properties may be available, send us an email or give us a call with your requirements. Last minute bookings we require owner confirmation.

Why does my booking cost $X when it says $Y?

You may find you are looking at the 'from' rate or rates on another re-seller. These prices do not reflect the additional cleaning and booking fees. Please use the calendar to get an accurate price. Prices depend on the season and whether it's a weekday or weekend.

What are cleaning fees and do I still have to clean?

After each booking, the properties are professionally hygiene cleaned and checked, your check-in documents will mention what cleaning is required on your behalf.
For the comfort of future guests, please leave the property in a clean and tidy state, with dishes put away and BBQ cleaned where applicable.

What happens if the property is untidy when I arrive?

If the property is genuinely untidy and uncleaned we will make every effort to rectify and have a cleaner sent out.We make every effort to ensure the property is up to standard before your stay, and we want you to relax and enjoy.

Due to a few false claims we now periodically inspect and take photos of our properties prior to guest arrivals.
In the event a cleaner has been sent out for a false reports the charge and administration cost may be drawn from your bond.
Unfortunately like any location we have no control over insects entering a property, and unable to service request for cobwebs, dead flies etc.



Where do I pick up the Keys?

KEY Collection:  We will advise you of the collection address prior to your arrival

Where do I return the Keys?

Key returns will be advised once your booking is confirmed and will also be in your key pack, unless otherwise directed.

Can I have an extra set of Keys?

During peak periods, we are unable to release more than one set of keys due to back-to-back bookings. For off-peak periods please contact us, we may be able to arrange an additional set.

I returned my Keys on time, why did I receive a text message to return my keys?

All keys are logged in and out of the office, occasionally if your check-out day falls on a public holiday, there may be nobody in the office to log the keys back in. If you have already returned your keys please disregard, if you receive further requests, please contact our office and we will have it sorted out for you.



What does no linen provided mean?

Most properties will have mattress protectors, quilts, quilt covers and pillows. But pillows being a personal item, you may wish to bring your own. No linen means, no sheets towels or tea towels are provided.

What linen do I need to bring?

Please ensure you bring your own linen unless 'linen-included' is listed in the online property description.You will need to bring fitted and flat sheets, pillow cases, towels, bath mats and tea towels.

What if I cannot supply my own linen?

If you are unable to supply your own linen you can hire linen packs from Victor Linen Ph: 0419 803 769 or via their website
If linen is hired, beds will need to be made on arrival and the linen bag left outside by the front door for collection on the last day of your stay.

Do I need to bring anything else?

Most properties will have supplies to get you through the first night or two, Toilet Paper, dish washing tablets, washing powder etc, but as these are considered self catered, you will need to provide your own supplies for your stay.

Is there a turn-over service?

Unfortunately not, these homes are considered self-catered and all cleaning is the responsibility of guests.

Is there a Cot/Crib at the property?

Cots and Cribs are not a standard addition to holiday homes, but some owners do provide them and we try to include them in the property descriptions, if in doubt please contact us.



What is the Confirmation of Booking Form? Do I need to fill it out? How do I return the form?

All guests no matter method of payment are required to fill out the confirmation of booking form, including all the names and ages (rough) of guests, and a valid Credit/Debit card for $500 bond per-authorization (See Bond). We cannot release the keys until this form is returned to us. To Download Click Here.

This form can be Posted, emailed, faxed, scanned/photo, phoned through, so long as we receive it before your stay.

The Confirmation of Booking link does not work, where can i get it?

Please Download here -> Confirmation of Booking Form
Terms and Conditions -> Terms and Conditions

What is the Bond?

The bond is our security against any damages done to the property during your stay, and any cleaning required above those laid out in the terms and conditions. This is refundable providing the conditions of your stay are met.

How Much is the Bond?

The bond for all holiday homes is a $500 authorized hold for 7-10 days, one business day before check in we process bonds,so ensure adequate funds are in the account.

What is an Authorized Hold?

The funds are pre-authorized by your bank, and will be unavailable for 7-10 working days. No money is withdrawn from your account at this stage, and is simply held and may not show up on your bank statements. For those who do internet banking, you will see it as pending-transaction or withheld-funds. If your money hasn't been released within 10 working days, please give your bank a call.

When and how does my bond get Refunded?

The property is inspected after you vacate and your bond is released by your bank automatically 7-10 days after check-in.

As we do not withdraw any money from your account, there is no need to refund your money either.
In the event a bond claim was made, we will make every effort to process it swiftly, but can take up to a month. We will contact you, and may require additional details.

How can I avoid a bond claim?

Leave the property clean and tidy after you vacate, ensure the BBQ is cleaned and Dishwasher/Dishes empty and put away.
Bring your own sheets/linen to keep the quilt covers and mattress protectors clean.
Clean up after any pets if your property is pet friendly!

Unfortunately accidents do occur and we understand, depending on the item and cost, it may need to be covered by your bond, please let our office know as soon as possible during business hours of any breakages, you are welcome to source a replacement for small items.  

What happens if I do not have adequate funds in my account or cannot pay a Bond?

Unfortunately without security we cannot lease the property to you and the Keys cannot be released.



Your calendar shows Christmas booked out already, are there any vacancies?

Our Christmas calendar is open to the public on the 1st of April every year, preferential guests have the ability to reserve a property a year in advance for the same dates.
To ensure your Christmas property is available be sure to book as early as practicable. Most properties are booked up by October.

What is a Preferential Guest?

Guests who have stayed at the property before, looked after and left it in a clean tidy state are given the option of booking the next year before the public bookings open up. These are still subject to owner confirmation.


Can my friends and I book one of your holiday homes for Schoolies?

Sorry unfortunately we close all our homes during the final two weeks of November in order to prepare for the busy summer period. You are best to try contact Encounter Youth (08) 8179 0300.

What if my parents are staying with us?

Sorry, we close the properties for maintenance and inspections.

I work for a volunteer company, or business and need accommodation during this time, what are my options?

Please give us a call (08)85553511 or email



Can I bring my dog, cat, snake, camel?

Please read the property listing to see if the property is pet friendly, if the property is listed as no pets, we are unable to make an exception sorry.

Why aren't all Properties Pet Friendly?

We at Elders love pets and understand they are our furry family members, we have gorgeous beaches and parks that are fantastic for the dogs to play on. Unfortunately the decision is up to individual owners.

What are my obligations if I bring my pet to a pet-friendly property?

For Pet friendly Holiday Homes, all we ask is that you clean up after your pet and that pets are not to be in bedrooms, in/on beds, or on furniture. By bringing a pet you agree with the terms set out in our Terms and Conditions and understand you are liable for any damages caused by the pet.



I booked through one of the above booking channels why did I receive an email from you?

The above sites are simply resellers, they take no part in the management of any properties and simply act as a middleman for booking a property. We at Elders manage the properties on behalf of the owners.

I have booked through a reseller and paid in full but the email I received said only the deposit was due. Why is that?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer part payments for reseller clients, for those who book directly through us we can offer part payment of bookings, with 50% down and remainder due 28 days before booking date. As we are paid by the reseller we are unable to refund the balance portion.

Why did they take the whole amount for the booking, I have used stayz before and they did not?

Due to recent changes with the Stayz platform to prevent being cut out of the booking, Stayz has removed the ability to make inquiries on many properties. As such the total cost of the booking is listed before you book, and you are prompted to accept their Terms and Conditions as you make payment. We at Elders have no control over any re-sellers platforms.

I found the price on a reseller cheaper than what you have on your website, will you price match?

As re-sellers have no control over the pricing structure of our properties you would have to contact them directly to honor the price they advertise. If they list a property below our market rate, we will not honor any requests as they do not have the authorization to do so.